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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Jul 8, 2022

Abuse of any kind, whether it’s physical, emotional, or sexual, is evil and wrong. Sexual abuse is particularly harmful because our sexuality is so personal to us. There is often some shame around our sexuality anyway, and the abuser takes advantage of it to make us feel less worthy.
But healing is possible! If abuse is part of your story, I hope today’s episode gives you hope.
Today’s guest is Nicole Graf. She’s a champion for sexy & intimate marriages as well as a Christ follower. She’s a certified Stress Management Consultant, has a degree in psychology and helps others overcome sexual abuse and find healing & hope.
Something that stood out to me a lot in this interview with Nicole is just the power of forgiveness and gratitude. Like those two themes just came up over and over and over for me and how important it is to get outside help and to have a really good, solid education on what really is supposed to be and not supposed to be.
And the value of good role models. There's so much goodness, in this episode, I hope you listened to the very end and learn a lot from it just as I did.