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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Mar 25, 2022

For many individuals, myself included, intercourse can feel very pleasurable. Couples can find deep meaning through intercourse as well: feeling intimate, personal, sweet, and bonding. 

However, intercourse isn’t always fireworks for both people. And how can you make intercourse better for both people? 

That’s what...

Mar 18, 2022

Feeling shame about our natural sexual urges is more harmful than we think. Clinton and Charity Munoz decided to share their story in hopes of helping others.

A few years into their marriage Clinton’s secretive and compulsive use of pornography was distressing to Charity and took their marriage to dark depths....

Mar 11, 2022

Al Carraway is probably the most optimistic and positive person I’ve ever met. Just being with her for an hour was life-changing. “Life is too short to stay unsatisfied.” and “Stubbornly refuse to have a bad sex life.” are two quotes that have rung in my head ever since our conversation.

Al is from New York,...

Mar 4, 2022

How does your current marriage dynamic help or hinder intimacy? Are you good at expressing your desires within your marriage? How does growing into your best version of yourself translate into a deeper connection with your spouse? And how can these things contribute to really good sexual experiences?

These are the...