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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Aug 26, 2022

Think about the qualities that make you successful in your career: working hard, being the first to show up and the last to leave, and being an achiever. Sometimes very capable and successful people have a hard time in their intimate relationships. 

What if the same qualities that translate to success in one’s career...

Aug 19, 2022

In this episode, Dan shares lessons learned about what it means to love someone well. He discusses reflections about courage and creating an intimate marriage where there's room for two people to thrive. He shares other thoughts from his mother, who passed away from cancer a few weeks ago. 

Aug 12, 2022

I used to think that a woman’s period was just nature’s way of telling you that you’re not pregnant. But there’s so much more to understanding one’s cycle. Did you know that a woman’s cycle can be broken down into four phases, and each phase has their own superpower? That understanding your hormones and what...

Aug 5, 2022

Do you ever wish your husband would take more initiative in the bedroom? Our podcast this week is all about masculine leadership within the bedroom (please note: this is not to diminish or replace feminine leadership).
GS Youngblood is an author and coach for men. GS teaches how important being grounded,...