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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Jul 19, 2024

I'm very excited about today's episode today! We get to address a lot of juicy topics, such as the following:

  • a reluctant wife feeling pressure to give her husband a hand job
  • a couple that wants to try pegging, but is unsure about it
  • a frustrated wife that feels like all the effort she's making to improve her...

Jul 12, 2024

In many marriages, there are people that feel like they do far more than their share of the relationship work, but why do they tend to take on the responsibility of their spouse's share of the relationship, especially in stressful situations?  

Intimate marriages are like a system like an air conditioning and heating...

Jul 5, 2024

"I just have a hard time with some of the things you said on your podcast. How can you be okay with things like toys, lingerie, and even talk about sex so publicly like that. I grew up with the understanding that those things aren't appropriate to discuss."

I can absolutely relate. This conversation with this...

Jun 28, 2024

I get asked frequently about what to do when you (or your husband) comes too quickly during sex, or has premature ejaculation.  I wanted to do an in-depth episode on this topic to address the many questions that we have because frankly, sex isn't that enjoyable when it's over too quick or you just don't last as long as...

Jun 21, 2024

For most couples, there's a lot of hot passion and excitement during the early dating and engagement time and for a while after the wedding. But over time, we develop routines, scripts, and become habituated to each other. This is normal and serves a good purpose. However, herein lies the challenge: how do you create...