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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Nov 17, 2020

Monica was about to have her third baby and was meeting with the doctor about treating her anticipated postpartum depression that afflicted her past two childbirths. She really wanted to nurse this baby, and asked the doctor if there was anything else she could do to avoid going on medication after the baby was born.

"Well, you could have more frequent and intense sex. Sex will release the same brain chemicals that these medications are trying to do."

Her husband was like, "YEAH!" and Monica was like "DOUBLE YEAH!" 

This experience and many others has helped Monica coach many women and men on how a sex-first approach can strengthen marriages.

In this episode you'll learn things like:

- How Monica overcame postpartum depression by having more sex with her husband
- How to combat negative messaging we receive
- What healthy sexuality looks like
- How we can take 100% responsibility for things in our control to give us more freedom
- How focusing on the "brighter side" can be a tool to help you overcome attraction issues
- You can't change your spouse, but your spouse will often change if you make changes within yourself first.
- How you and your spouse don't necessarily need to have all interests common in order to be intimate
- Training in the art of "sexpionage"
- "Differentiation" -- bringing your goals and your dreams to life, and love your spouse accordingly
- Do chores, like scrubbing the toilets -- naked!
- Going two weeks without intercourse
- ...and more Black Belt sex techniques!

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