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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Feb 11, 2023

Mutual pleasure is an important ingredient of a good sexual relationship. The pleasure we get from sex facilitates bonding, joy, and makes sex way more fun!

Orgasms are probably one of the most pleasurable sensations we can experience. However, generally speaking, women have a harder time reaching orgasm than men do. There are many theories as to why this is the case. It can be distressing for a woman who wants to experience an orgasm in sex yet struggles to get there.

Many people forget that reaching orgasm is a learned behavior. It’s not as effortless as it seems like from movies or magazines. Although orgasm is a natural reflex to sexual stimulation, it’s a skill to be learned – much like learning how to ride a bicycle. It's something that we learn how to do, and it might come easier for some people than others (no pun intended).

I'm always inspired by accounts of men and women who work really hard to close the pleasure gap in marriage. They show investment in each other and commitment to building something wonderful both enjoy and want to be a part of.

Today I got to interview a fantastic woman named Ashley who overcame many hurdles to experience more pleasure in her sexual relationship with her husband. After 5 years of heartache from trying all sorts of things, including spending a lot of money on high-end sex toys, she was ready to give up trying. She shares what shifts happened within her that finally helped her learn how to orgasm, and how amazing things have been since then.

If learning how to orgasm has been a struggle for you or for someone you love, here’s a good opportunity for you. On February 22nd I will be putting on a live coaching workshop about learning how to orgasm or how to have better orgasms. This is the workshop that Ashley refers to in this interview. Sign up today on our website

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