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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Oct 7, 2022

This is part two of a two-part podcast. Last week, we talked about stage three sex. We introduced this framework of what stages one, two, and three are, and this is a follow-up to that. Enjoy!

Sep 30, 2022

Normal people have marriage problems. In this episode, I'll introduce to you my three-stage framework to take your marriage and sex life to the NEXT LEVEL! This is something I'm passionate about. I hope you learn something new!

Sep 23, 2022

In every marriage, there’s a person with a higher desire for sex and a person with a lower desire for sex. What are unhealthy and healthy ways of responding to your spouse's desire level? How can you work together as an intimate team to create a marriage that truly has room for both people, to transition from a “me...

Sep 16, 2022

100 podcast episodes for Get Your Marriage On! Wow! What a ride the past couple years have been. 

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing many sex experts. In many of the episodes, I ask them what black belt sex tips they’d give to a couple in a healthy marriage to help them up the quality of connection and pleasure...

Sep 9, 2022

Our bodies are absolutely incredible and attest to the marvelous power and intelligence of our great Creator. Our heart beats nearly 100,000 times a day. Our eyes have self-focusing lenses and work in tandem to help us see images in three dimensions. Through our bodies, we can hold loved ones, offer a loving touch, and...