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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Nov 25, 2022

Like many other men, I’ve probably said to my wife maybe once or twice, “I’m always in the mood for sex!” or “Whenever you want it, I’m ready!” Just kidding, I’ve probably said something like that hundreds of times.

But I know there are exceptions to “always” being in the mood. In fact, when I’m really honest, there are many times I’m not in the mood. And my wife is even more puzzled when she’s in the mood and I’m not.

We’re socialized to think that men should have the higher sexual desire in long term marriages, but “the stereotypical masculine approach to sexual desire is working against heterosexual couples’ intimate relationships, and it’s getting in the way of good sex.”

Today's guest is Dr. Sarah Hunter Murray, a sex researcher and therapist who has studied male sexual desire. I’ve read her book, “Not Always In The Mood,” and I look forward to sharing this interview with you.


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