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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Nov 11, 2022

This episode is for any couple that has struggled with feelings of shame about bodies or sexuality, and has experienced conflict in their marriage around sexual differences.

I am so very grateful that Jan Marie and Andrew were willing to come on the podcast to share their story. They were nervous and are private people, so it’s a big deal for them to be open and vulnerable, in hopes that it inspires and blesses a listener’s marriage.

I met Jan Marie and Andrew at the marriage retreat we did last October. In fact, they celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary at the event! They’ve been through a lot of turmoil around sex and intimacy in their marriage together, which you’ll get to hear. You’ll also get to hear the tipping point when they’ve found healing and hope in their marriage. 

I also want to make a plug for marriage retreats. There’s something special that happens when both of you attend a retreat to refresh and recharge. It’s a time to get on the same page and really connect in new ways. You get to meet other couples too and learn from great marriage coaches.

Our next marriage retreat is coming up on March 23-26, and you’ll want to get on the waiting list to be the first to hear about the details. You can join the waiting list here. 

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