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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Mar 24, 2023

In our Christian culture, we’re sometimes afraid of the word “erotic,” thinking it has something to do with unsavory media or loose morals. Many of us grew up in a culture where anything sexually exciting was considered less-than worthy or shameful. 

However, our erotic natures are actually a beautiful part of being human and a way of experiencing the divinity within us. When cultivated, our erotic nature can draw us closer to our spouse in very special ways. 

I hear stories from couples where sex is considered a necessity to satisfy the other partner rather than something to joyfully engage in for their own sake. So how do you learn how to cultivate your erotic nature? What if you’re married to someone that doesn’t see the value in developing their eroticism? 

Today I have the privilege of interviewing Dr. Jennifer Degler, a clinical psychologist, life coach, author, and speaker. You’ll get to hear about how to shift from neutral to drive, the value of curiosity, and some really fun ideas and dares to spice things up in the bedroom!