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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Jul 29, 2022

I’ve learned that intimacy problems can creep into the marriage because of unrealistic expectations and patterns of avoiding the issue. Whether it’s performance anxiety, body image issues, or even a sexless marriage, you can break out of your patterns that keep you stuck by getting a clearer understanding of your dynamic.
I’m honored to have Braxton Dutson on the podcast today to talk about what to do when you find yourself in a marriage where sex is not as satisfying.
Braxton Dutson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified sex therapist (CST) through AASECT. He hosts the sexual health podcast called Birds and Bees Podcast which provides education for couples and parents about sexual health topics to improve their relationships with each other and have sexual health conversations with their children.
If that wasn’t enough, Braxton is an adjunct professor of human sexuality at the University of Utah college of social work.