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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Dec 15, 2021

I’d like to be part of changing the stigma around talking about elevating sex in marriage. I’ve personally gained a lot from courageous couples opening up to me, in an appropriate way, how they’ve found deeper connection and joy in their sex lives. So far in this podcast, we’ve generally interviewed experts in marriage or sex-related careers to one degree or another.

I want to switch gears for the next three episodes. Rather than learn from professionals, I want to share stories from real ordinary couples about how they’ve transformed their marriages into something extraordinary. Their stories are real, raw, vulnerable, and inspiring. These three couples talk about mindset shifts that lead them to better sex. We’ll call this a “Sextimony” series!

Our first “Sextimony” is from Sharon Williams. She talks about shifts that helped her realize she can be in charge of her pleasure and how it’s changed sex from a chore to something she absolutely looks forward to. Be sure to read her award winning essay called "Bridging the Orgasm Gap” which captures her journey of learning how to get what she wants in the bedroom. Since our interview, I read her free downloadable ebook called “10 Tips for Bridging Your Orgasm Gap” and can recommend it to you too. You can find both on her website.