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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

May 31, 2024

Did you know that most couples that visit traditional sex therapy have very poor outcomes? They're still just as dissatisfied two years later as they were before therapy. 

Now this insight is particularly striking to me. I think this happens because conventional sex therapy has a primary focus on the individual genitals and sexual dysfunction; there isn't a lot of focus on sex in the context of a marriage relationship. 

I believe that both partners co-create their dynamic in the marriage. And thus, both people contribute to the challenges that they face in their relationship. 

In my experience, sexual struggles are actually symptomatic of deeper issues within the relationship. Recognizing the shift from the focus of merely trying to fix the sex to understanding and nurturing the entire relationship is really important. 

My guest today is Rhonda Farr. She is an intimacy coach and a personal friend of mine. In today's interview, you're going to hear about the time when a person asked her for sex while on an airplane. 😱 You'll get to hear her thoughts and why high achievers struggle in intimacy and in their marriage. 

You'll also hear us role-play what a conversation might look like when addressing sexual desire difference concerns between a husband and a  wife. Learn about how to 

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