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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Sep 29, 2023

I strongly believe one of the paths to a stronger marriage is by doing the work necessary to have a great sex life as a couple.

Why start with sex? It’s because there’s such a strong link between pleasure and connection. When you increase and broaden the pleasure you experience as a couple, you’ll find your emotional and spiritual connection deepen as well.

Besides, doing the work necessary to have great sex forces individuals to learn how to deeply love their spouse like they’ve never loved before; it requires trust, self-confidence, and an open heart. In short, developing your sexual relationship leads to more personal growth than anything else.

Unfortunately, there’s an orgasm gap in many marriages. Although orgasm isn’t the only measure of a great sex life, it’s a good enough proxy measure for the pleasure a couple enjoys in sex. I believe women are just as capable of sexual pleasure than men, if not more capable than men. And even though just about every person on the planet is capable of experiencing the pleasure of orgasm in sex, in far too many marriages women aren’t experience orgasm as frequently as men do. 

Today my guest is my friend Amanda Louder. Amanda is a fellow marriage and intimacy coach. She is the host of the podcast, Sex For Saints. We’re going to talk about practical strategies to help you overcome your orgasm gaps in your marriage today. We’re also going to talk about sex toys that are used as an aid for pleasure as a couple. Did you know that over 70% of those that responded to my poll on Instagram say that they have used or currently use a vibrator? Many people are curious about trying a vibrator but don’t know where to go to buy one without feeling weird about it. If that’s you, open the Intimately Us app and go to the Learn Section, then Products We Love for my personal recommendations from trusted companies and brands.