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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Sep 8, 2023

Any of you with children are quite familiar with stages of child development. However, less talked about and less understood until recently are stages of adult development.  As adults, our bodies may have grown, but our mind and spirits still continue to grow.

I love this interview you're about to hear with my friend Tammy.

It's an inspiring and relatable story about Tammy and her husband, Jake, and how they grew and progressed in their relationship. Tammy talks about her journey to break out of a limiting mindset and to embrace her own sexual desires and needs. She mentions that a turning point was when her husband enrolled them in a course related to sexual development and introduced her to a couple's retreat.

These experiences opened her eyes to the possibility of change and growth in this area. We also discuss how curiosity, open-mindedness, and gradual steps were key components of Tammy's journey. She describes a process of shedding her need for external validation, which allowed her to change and grow without being dependent on other people's opinions.

She also emphasizes the importance of self reflection learning how to love herself.

I hope this episode also inspires and gives hopes to listeners who wish their spouse would step up more in the sexual arena in their marriage. Listen closely to what Jake did that gave room for Tammy to grow and try new things.

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