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Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Feb 17, 2023

Holy smokes, this episode is jam packed with so much goodness and truth bombs. You’re about to hear Tony and I get a bit vulnerable as we share some of our mistakes and lessons learned about growing more emotionally mature in our relationships.

Ever accuse your spouse of being a narcissist – or at least being myopic or only seeing their side of things without taking you into account? Well, this episode is for you.

Ever desire a stronger emotional connection with your spouse? This episode is for you too!

Tony Overbay is a licensed marriage and family therapist from the Bay Area of California. He’s the host of the popular podcast called The Virtual Couch. In his practice working with thousands of couples, he’s noticed how crucial emotional maturity is, and how “narcissism” (which he explains is emotional immaturity) plays a role in the way we relate to ourselves and others. He goes on to explain how to wake up to it and steps we can take to be stronger within ourselves and our relationships.


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